Monday, January 12, 2009

A Megalomaniac's Dream

People say that I do not care for anyone
but i beg to differ,
I care for the most important person
Me, I, the one true being,
I'm the sun, the guiding light,
around which the world revolves
You are here to serve me,
to comply all my little whims
a privilege which to be thankful for
Your suffering is no concern of mine
because you are nothing to me
A piece of furniture in the background
that can be replaced, or better yet,
be destroyed if it does not serve it's purpose
after all I'm happy
and that is the most important
I have the power and the money
while you have nothing
People and nations bow down to me
they cringe in fear when I speak
Hide their faces in shame when i look at them
for they know that they are not worthy
But the day that you threaten my power
is the day that I hunt you down
like a wolf after a deer,
to the ends of the earth,
through day and night,
there is no escape
You can not defy me

This goes out to all the assholes, going back to the time of the cave man, who fucked up this beautiful world for the rest of us... You suck big time :P

Don't mind me, kinda feeling depressed about the goings on in this world. Oh well, life goes on...

Peace y'all

1 comment:

Lady divine said...

hmmm.. I was about to ask if you were alright..:) until I read the last line..:)
Peace indeed!:)