Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Days, Whoohoo!!!

Lot and lots of snow these days, thanks to couple of snow storms going through the weekend. Started snowing Friday morning around 7 and kept at it till the evening. Around 30cm of snow. Unfortunately had to go to work so, not a snow day for me. Packed in many layers of clothes, went trudging through white powder, braving icy winds. A lot of people at the office has decided to stay home, so the place was like deserted.

A truly white Christmas these days :D



Lady divine said...

looks awesome and cold!:D
when are you getting back to SL?
having a good time?

Azrael said...

Hey LD, man, cold is not the right word for this, but other than that, having a great time hehe.

Should be heading back end of March.

Middle Child said...

whoa... :D

Jerry said...



Merry Christmas!