Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life… so it goes on…

Well it’s been two weeks in Canada, and so far so good. We got a nice fully furnished 8th storey apartment with a cool view, with plenty of space. So living it up at the moment. However the apartment is not that close to the office so we have a commute, which is not bad coz there’s a good bus service in town.

Buses go in a strict time table, which is great, unless you miss the bus. They don’t have hundreds of buses racing with each other like in good old SL, where you can catch any old bus any old time. You miss the bus here and you have to wait till the time the next bus comes. Buses are really not for emergencies. It’s really nice to see ordered roads, straight as the eye can see, something we dream of in good old SL.

There are two of us in the apartment and living with someone needs a bit of getting used to, especially for a loner like me. A bit of new territory for me, but luckily I seem have a knack for adapting for anything. May friend is also quite ok and so far no problems.

Had a long weekend, which is quite a rare thing. When there’s a holiday, people take and max out of it. Friday night the two of us had a bit of a booze session and slept till very late both on Saturday and Sunday. Monday went to the T20 finals. This happened coz a friend who lives here called up and invited us out, otherwise me go for a match? Never would have happened he he :D . The whole place was full. Man, there are a lot Sri Lankans and Pakistanis over here. The parking areas were full up, so the cops must have made a nice haul by giving tickets to all the vehicles parked on the roads.

Anywhooo...some more pics.


View from the apartment

Apartment Building

Buildings in Town

Another view from the apartment

Square One Mall

Cruzing on the Highwaaayyy...

Colors of Autumn

Golden leaves

Colours of Autumn

Gates to nowhere


sach said...

I saw the pic on the highway and was about to ask you if you were going the wrong way! lol I shouldn't attempt to use my brain cells before my morning coffee.

Lady divine said...

wow! having a good time I see.. as for buses running on time and all... that's some discipline we could use here.. including good drivers and proper traffic control..:)

Have a great time while it lasts.. and explore the place more.. and post more pics!!!!:D

Dili said...

You are making me SO jealous right now....

pissu perera said...

pwetty autumn :)

Azrael said...

Sach - Yep never even attempt to use the brain in the morning before that first cuppa joe :D

LD - yeah, an ordered society. Will we ever have one?

Will def put more pics...

Dili - Then my work is done he he. cheers dude

PP - yeah its reawy reawy pwetty :D

noorie said...

the trees are so gorg!