Monday, July 28, 2008

Your very own Iron Man suite

Wouldn’t it be cool if we can borrow the Iron Man suite for awhile and wreak havoc around the place? Well the a Japanese scientist by the name of Yoshiyuki Sanaki from the Tsukuba University engineering facility has come up with, what I’d like to think of as Iron Man suit stage I :D.

Actually this is old news, and I first saw this last year, but forgot about. Came across it suddenly some days back so I thought I’d put it here.

Named HAL 5, it’s basically an exoskeleton suite that will enhance the body’s capabilities. It can allow a person to lift up to 10 times the normal weight capable by that person. The real use for the suite is to provide mobility to paralyzed people. Other uses include in nursing, factory work and disaster relief.

It’s just in a frame like suite for now, but add on some bullet proof armor and some jet packs and woohoo, instant Iron Man suite. Tony Stark you better watch out. He he.
Isn’t it great that what someone dreamed of nearly 40 years ago are slowly become a reality? After all Iron Man first made his appearance way back in 1963, and what imagination the creators must have had to come up with the concept.

Must start saving now itself, might be able to get one when I’m 50 at least :D

Hal - 5

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