Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Well I’m still alive and kicking he he.

Been a couple of busy few weeks at office so haven’t had time to check out interesting and weird things happening around the world. Although I’ve been keeping up with my fav bloggers :) Work wise things are getting back to normal, but me’s got some exams coming up :(. Luckily finished off the assignments so have to hit the books now. Ayi caramba… there’s soooo much to go through.

Read some really moving posts about Black July experiences by Cerno and David Blacker. I was lucky enough to be too young to remember any of it. Can’t really imagine what the victims must’ve felt and gone through. A lot of meaningless violence and destruction. It’s sad really that we humans only needs a very little bit of encouragement to revert back to the levels of the wild animals.

I leave you with one of my all time favorite songs

Peace y’all

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Lady divine said...

ah! good to see ya again!!
how were the exams/assignments and all?