Monday, June 02, 2008

Tom, Dick and Harry

Disclaimer: This is NOT a review!

It’s been awhile since I went for a play so thought I’d drag my lazy self to see the “Silent Hands” production of Ray and Michael Cooney’s Tom, Dick and Harry at the Wendt. If I’m correct this is not the first time they are doing it, but this time it’s for some worthy causes. The proceeds of the first night, Friday the 30th of May, went towards the vehicle fund of Methodists College and the Saturdays performance was in aid of the Welfare fund of St. Peters College. Don’t know about the third night :)

Well it was just what the doctor ordered to drive away the blues of a depressingly wet day. Laughed my head off from the beginning till the end of the show. It was a hilarious script, and wonderfully delivered by a great cast. Credit for Jehan Bastiens and Neidra Williams for a great job in adapting it with a local flavor, and directing the play.

A big round of applause for all the guy and gals for putting on a great show.



themissingsandwich said...

The third one was for St. Anthony's Church I think. Went on Sunday and that's what the souvenir said.

And yes totally agree with you. The play was a bag of laughs. The young cast handled their roles exceptionally well

dramaqueen said...

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