Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Study in Miniature

Since of late, have this urge to buy toys, especially these model cars. I seriously think my brain is doing some funny stuff.

When I was a kid, had this fascination with recreating accidents so naturally my toys never had a long life span. It bothered me if they didn’t have any kind of damage in them, and I’d find inventive ways to cause them damage too. Luckily lost interest in toys early in life, and moved on to books… er reading them, not burning them.

Oh what the heck, what’s life without these little oddities he he :D

Cheers y’all


Lady divine said...

interesting.. :)
I know grown up men who still collect toys..;) I dont think anything's wrong with ya.... :D

Azrael said...

He He yeah, I know a coupla people like that too :D

Dili said...

Tx bro. You sparked off a lot of good memories...