Thursday, May 22, 2008

Southern Gems

Went down to Galle with the gang during the Vesak hols for a bit of sun, sand and sea. It's been a long time since we went down south, since we usually head for the hills during holidays, so this was a nice break.

Not many people were vacationing down south so Unawatuna beach was not very crowded, which was ideal.

Statue of Lord Buddha erected in remembrance of the Tsunami in 2004, Can't remember the exact place, but closer to Seeningama :)

Peace and Serenity

Roarrrr - Lion Carving at the entrance way to the statue.

Cut off from Man - Seeningama Devalaya

Beacon of Hope - Lighthouse inside Galle Fort

In praise of Allah - The mosque inside Galle Fort

Standing Tall - Roomassala Temple

Come and Pray - The Old Dutch Church inside the Galle Fort

Along the Ramparts - View of the Lighthouse and the Mosque

Tis the time when the Lycans stroll the lands - The Vesak full moon in all it's glory


Lady divine said...

great pics!!

Azrael said...

Thank ye kindly, Divine Lady...

pissu perera said...

you didn't go to pedlar's inn for the brownies?? suuuch a waste of a trip :p

Aksam said...

glad u had a nice holiday, nice photos too. u r a good photographer.