Monday, May 05, 2008

Odd Stories for the day

It’s no secret that there are many individuals in this wonderful world of ours, who does not possess a full set of marbles in their upstairs region. Fortunately, they provide a bit of comic relief to us, the depressed and stressed out lot, to bring a smile and give hope to get on with our miserable lives.

A man in Zion Illinois, wants to legally change his name to “In God We Trust”. The future Mr. I G W Trust says that this will be a symbol of the help that god gave him during tough times.


Another man in South Chicago Heights Illinois loved his beer so much that he made a custom made casket resembling a beer can. He hasn’t kicked the bucket yet, so he’s using it as a giant keg.


A politician in Germany is thinking about donating his beard for charity.


In Virginia, a woman taking her driving test, crashed into the DMV building instead of parking next to it, as instructed. Guess she was in a bit of a hurry to get that license.

The Manitoba Bar Association had to forego filing a brief because it lacked necessary funds to hire a lawyer. If the lawyers won’t take their own association pro bono, would they even bother to take other people’s cases?

A 15 year old student in Connecticut is preparing to sue his school officials for an ear injury. Apparently his teacher had rapped on the desk too hard to wake him while he was sleeping in class.

Some people in Hawaii have built a self sufficient community on burnt out lava rock just a mile away from Mount Kilauea, a still active volcano. One of the residents says that he’s more afraid of people than the volcano, which is unfortunately true these days.

A would be criminal with loose nerves had spent a little too much time trying to build up the courage, but when he finally got the guts to do it, he couldn’t go in. The bank had closed for the day.

Another smart criminal decided to call ahead at the store which he planned to rob to tell them to keep a lot of money in hand. Of course when he went to rob the place, he found himself wearing a nice pair of handcuffs.

On similar theme, a man gave his number to a store employee, and told the employee to call him when the manger, who has access to the safe, comes. And another pair was arrested after they gave detailed description of how they were going to rob a man, to that man. I just can’t understand what was going through their minds. That the victim will nicely wait for them to rob them and give all the money up?

A guy already serving 8 years for fraud has filed over 1000 lawsuits amounting to several trillion dollars against a list of people President Bush, Martha Stewart, Steve Jobs, Britney Spears, Tiger Woods (luggage theft), Barry Bonds (illegal moonshine production).

Ok that’s enough for the day.

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Lady divine said...

very strange... yet interesting!! :D

Jerry said...


I wanna be buried in a keg!

tasha said...

Weird, funny, silly.

That's what make things more interesting in this world ya?