Thursday, May 15, 2008

10 Random things that maketh Azrael high

I’ve been tagged by several folks to write this up, so here goes. Who am I to deny my fans?
This is not in any particular order :)

1. Reading books – well that’s no secret, I’m a readaholic.
2. Music – Both listening and playing. Erm…no singing…
3. Travelling – Basically anywhere, either with friends or by myself.
4. Visiting new places and seeing them for the first time.
5. Hanging out with my friends – I’m solitary animal by nature, but there are my small groups of very good friends that I like to hang out with. They know who they are.
6. A lazy evening at the beach – with maybe a couple of drinks and a BBQ
7. Riding my bike – I don’t mean daily traveling, but riding the open roads just for the pure fun of it.
8. Solving a problem – When you get stuck and finally coming up with a solution after torturing the brain. It’s basically along the lines of succeeding at something after hard work.
9. Cooking – Not the everyday kind but planning and making something special once in awhile.
10. Cartoons – Yep still love them, and will do so till the day I kick the bucket.

Well there it is.

Cheers y'all


Dili said...

Wow dude, I could totally hang with you and not make you hate me LOL. Birds of a feather and all that. :) I cant cook, but I'm a passable baker..

Azrael said...

High 5 Dili :)