Friday, April 25, 2008

And now once more, Twisted Rhymes…

Haven’t come up with one of these in a while, so here goes…

Wee Willie Winkie
Runs through the town,
Upstairs and downstairs
In his nightgown
Rapping at the windows,
Crying through the lock,
"Are the children all in bed?
For it's now eight o'clock.

The neighbors were unhappy
At the thought of Wee Willie
Running about the hood,
In nothing but his jammys
Peeping into their homes
Like little perv,
Scaring the little kids
Out of their little wits

The people in the hood
Finally had enough,
They called on the police
To make a complaint,
“Please lock up Wee Willie
And throw away the keys,
We're tired of his antics
And want them to cease”

The sun went down
And out came Willie,
Running around merrily
Only in his jammys,
Rapping at windows
Like he always does,
What a shock he got
On that fateful night,

A big bunch of cops
Came out of nowhere,
Jumped on poor Willie
And took him down,
They roughed him,
Cuffed him,
Read him his rights,
And bundled him off to jail

The law came down hard
On poor Wee Willie
Off he went to the county jail
For a very long time indeed
He now raps on iron bars
In a brand new striped suit,
Amusing other prisoners
With all sorts of tricks

Thus goes the life
Of Wee Willie Winkie
Who couldn’t keep his nose
Out of other people’s business
He got into mischief
And burnt his tail
Now spends his time
Singing jailhouse blues


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Lady divine said...

I hadn't come across this one before...:)

Anonymous said...

gud one read..
from an insane mind!

Anonymous said...

gud one to read..
from an insane mind!