Monday, March 24, 2008

Lazy Long Weekends

Ayi caramba…been a while since I made a post on ze blog. 32 days to be exact. The joys of work, both official and private have been keeping me busy all this time. Now back after a four day long weekend, so thought I’d hack something out.

Most of the people I know packed up the disappeared to various parts of the country, to take advantage of the long break. Unfortunately, many of usual suspects are religious (at least their families are) so were not very keen to go anywhere during Easter. We had been to Nuwara Eliya and back just two weeks before and thought we take a good rest this time. Wednesday night had a small party with the office guys and got hammered, so that was a good start for the weekend. Unfortunately that was about it :(. Rest was spent lazing around the house doing nothing much. Anyways this was the time to be in Colombo, since everybody else was out of it he he.

As I mentioned, went to Nuwara Eliya about two weeks back coz one of my friends opened a hotel up there, called the Chesterfield Hotel. So we went there for the official opening. It’s out of Nuwara Eliya city limits, closer to Hakgala, around 5 km’s along the Badulla road, so the surroundings are great. The Nuwara Eliya town itself has become too saturated with buildings for my taste. I don’t think any of the hotels in town can boast of a good view. The only view they have is the backyard of another hotel. This place on the other hand has a great view of the Hakgala mountain ranges and the forest reserve, and the surrounding areas are not crowded like the town. Unfortunately the long reaching arms of development are rapidly spreading its way towards this area as well. I hope that it won’t destroy the beauty of the area. We had a great time though, and even managed to do a photo-shoot to get pictures for the website, brochures and ads during the rare sober periods. The web site is still going through its final phases, so will put up a links ones the site goes live.

On other stuff happening around the world, the death toll of US soldiers reached around 4000, while marking the 5th anniversary of the war. Heck we’ve been having one for more than two decades and we are carrying on merrily aren’t we? Don’t worry GW, another few more years of war and the people will take it as part of their daily lives and forget you’re the one who caused all the mess.

In good old England there was a cash machine giving out double the money out to customers. If you asked for 500 pounds the machine gave you 1000. The machine must’ve been feeling charitable I guess. Damn, why can something like that happen to me???

Two genius criminalsfrom Toronto decided to rob a store and call a cab to make their getaway. Of course the Police came in the cab and arrested the two dumbos. Lesson to be learned; always bring your own getaway car, preferably a stolen one.

A Dutch shoplifter managed to make a quick getaway with the goods but left an important piece of evidence. His son. The police contacted the idiot through the son but he refused to come get him and told them to contact the mother. Well at least he doesn’t do dumb things twice in the same day. He later gave himself up, probably out of fear the mother of the child would kill him.

Ok that’s enough for the day…Get back to work.

Cheers y’all


pissu perera said...

we need more of these lazy long weekends. sigh.

Lady divine said...

Pissu is right - we need more weekends like that.... and those that wont end fast!!
oh and the last story is awesome!! :D hehee

btw, it's lovely to see you online...:D

Niro said...

He he.. what a nice blog.. I like the dum thieves quote.. lol

Azrael said...

PP - Right on!!!

LD - Yep it's good to be back too

Niro - Thanks :)