Monday, February 18, 2008

…And what a Bloody Valentine it was

A malevolent little spirit
Known to all as Cupid
Lies atop an alter of stone
Life slowly draining away
A tiny little heart
Cut out from his chest
A river of Red
Seeping into holy ground…

And where did it all end up? At the most rocking valentine event, which went by the name My Bloody valentine? For the clueless, MBV was held yesterday (Sunday) night @ the Zetter with 3 awesome Sri Lankan metal bands rocking the heads off local metal heads. The bands were Swords of the Spirit, Paranoid Earthling and the great Stigmata.

SOS did the first set followed by PE, with mostly their originals with some covers thrown in. however the night was ruled by Stigmata. They had the crowd head banging like there’s no tomorrow.

Anyways it was a superb show. I mean if your ears are still ringing the next morning, it had to be good eh? A big shout out to all the bands, for some excellent performances. Hopefully there will be more events like this in the future.


Sword of the Spirit

Paranoid Earthling



Lady divine said...

aiyoooo...I was asked to come for this.. and I totally forgot men! can you believe it??? sigh!

sach said...

ah fuck it. waited for so long after the last gig and had to miss it :( badly need some headbanging

Theena said...

Happy to see you enjoyed it :)

I had to miss this time, but there'll be more.

Azrael said...

LD - Memory loss? that ain't good :D

Sach & Theena - Yeah it was good show. Plenty more opportunities for headbanging in the future i guess :D