Friday, January 11, 2008

The Newest Cancer Fighting Drug…Pot

… or better known as Cannabis, Marijuana, Ganja, Mal and many other names. Apart from helping one get high, compounds in Cannabis is known to reduce pain from cancer and other illnesses. The latest research has found out that it may also help in stopping tumor cells from growing and getting out of control.

This study was done by Robert Ramer and Burkhard Hinz from the Institute of Toxicology and Pharmacology, University of Rostock, Rostock, Germany.

I’m not going to go into all the medically technically things, mainly because I don’t understand all of that stuff. Please check the links below if you really want to know more 

Inventor Spot Article
Article from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Wikipedia – Cannabis
Wikipedia – Cannabis Sativa
Wikipedia- Cannabis as a Drug

All I know is, with all these medicinal benefits, shouldn’t ‘Mal’ be legalized? Now there’s a thought he he :D


pissu perera said...

i know way too many people who'll be happy to hear this :D i hope they don't see this.

Mia said...

I think this is a debate that has been for some time. I heard about these studies a good while back.

Lady divine said...

Oooohhh... a lot of people are undoubtedly going to love this!!!

Half Doctor said...

After taking a look through your post,
I took a deep breath, plotting out how I'm going to launch a scathing attack on your content.
Then I noticed your Heading...
And I breathed out again,
Afterall what can I, poor Half D that I am, do about the 'Ramblings of an Insane mind'? other than to pity the sod and try coerce him into visiting Ward 59, NHSL (psych ward).

Just another comment to the other people who chance to bounce in...
take a look at the articles Azrael has so graciously linked read the fine print that says...
"MAY help investigators to explore their therapeutic benefit"
"The relevance of the findings to the behavior of tumor cells in vivo (inside the body) remains to be determined."

Azrael said...

Pissu and Lady D: Oh yeas a lot of people. Spread the word, spread the word

Mia: Yeah it's been going on for a while. You can guess which side i'm voting for :D

Azrael said...

@Half doctor - :D :D :D

I'm a regular at Ward 59, practically call it home he he :D :D

Oh well, I did say that i don't understand all the technical stuff.

Angel said...

Well, you're one happy camper eh Azreal? :)

I'd go into the nitty gritty but Half has beat me to it (damn!)

Theena said...

Pissu: Too late :)

The study is still inconclusive and I wouldn't get too excited. It's medicinal benefits are still disputed and will be until a study can be carried out without any undue political interference.

I will say this though: people get too unnecessarily paranoid over this plant. The authorities should focus attention on the more deadly poisons: alcohol and tobacco. But then again, both of those are "industries" so that makes them okay in the minds of people.

Weed, after all, is just a sodding plant that any high school kid could grow in his back garden, been lauded in ancient texts, central to a number of cultures the world over, is not directly or indirectly cited as a cause in domestic violence (like alcohol), doesn't cause cancer (like tobacco). But it's evil nonetheless and to be avoided at all costs, you understand. The governments says so.

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the_jester said...

Who cares if it's true or not?

If the :D at the end of the post didn't give it away, the fact that it makes for interesting reading, which is 80% of the point of any blog should show that he wasn't pushing cannabis as a miracle drug for cancer patients.

So to those who find it hard to get the point, I find this hard to say politely - Sod off...

Azrael said...

Angel: Rathu Paata, Dam Paata, Kaha Paata, Paata Paata Mal... :D

Theena: Absolutely right. Alcohol and Tobacco are government sponsored evils, so they are ok ;)

Jester: Thanks dude, At least some one gets it he he

Anonymous said...

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