Monday, December 03, 2007

Puss Wins by a Landslide

Prominent politician, Chaminda Pusswedilla has won a landslide victory in the recently concluded presidential elections in Sri Lanka. This marks the dawn of a new era in Sri Lanka. His Excellency, president Pusswedilla has promised to make Sri Lanka an economic powerhouse in the world.

For those who are not tuned on to current affairs, do not worry. You did not sleep your way through an election. I’m talking about the newest drama that was staged at the Wendt during the past few days. “Thank you for Voting” by Stage Light and Magic, under the excellent direction of Feroze Kamardeen.

The plot line wasn’t something new actually. The same old story of the business of politics, stupid, corrupt politician and misgovernance, nothing new to us is it? The same can be said about the jokes as well. However Chaminda Pusswedilla did manage to steal the show.

It didn’t matter the storyline or the jokes were familiar, because it was hilarious. A big round of applause to Dominic Kellar, for his superb portrayal of the quintessential Sri Lankan politician. I think this was a role made for him and would not have had the same effect if played by some one else. Not forgetting the other actors did a great job as well.

It was a good production, which I enjoyed a lot. Had a good laugh to last awhile :D. Although I was expecting a more bang of an ending.

To all those who missed it, Too Bad :P

Good work guys!!!

“My name is Chaminda Pusswedilla, mata jayawewa”
H. E. President Pusswedilla


Righz said...

err.. wrong. this wasn't a role specially written for Dominic (though i must say he did a kickass job!! he was brilliant in it no doubt). but no, this wasn't his role initially. if you check the Stage Light and Magice website's news section you'll know who were supposed to be in the real cast. Puss was suppoed to be played by Anuruddha Fernando.

I'm not sure if many of you remember the last comedy by Stage Light and Magic. it was called "uh-merry-kar". and there was a scene in it which had to do with a politician (played by Anuruddha). and Thank you for Voting, i believe, was a spin-off from that.

however, i've got to admit that this was one hell of a play! SLM always come up with superb comedies.. from the Complete works of Shakespeare to Elizabeth almost by chance a woman! congrats every one at SLM! cant wait to see more of your plays!

Azrael said...

Righz - Hay man thanks for the info and update.

I saw Uh-merry-kar, but my memory is a bit sketchy now he he :D

Yep can't wait to see more of their productions.

pissu perera said...

it was good? really? after the last feroze kamardeen play i went to (venice) i decided i had had enough of him and his friends. their plays are too lewd for my liking and they re-tell the same jokes so that aftera while they stop being funny. i think the worst of his offerings that i went for elizabeth. urgh. that was just painful.

thekillromeoproject said...

Totally agree with pissu perera. Elizabeth was the most painful experience ever!! I felt 'Mama Zaza' shud have been shot right at the outset!!!

Lady divine said...

aiyooo... heard abt it..wanted to make it.. but couldnt..:-(

DeadMansHonda said...

I totally thought this was going to be about a weeping blister when I read the title. ;-) Thanks for enlightening me and so sorry i suck at being in touch....will get better at it soon, i hope. I hope you are well!!!