Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Case of the Disappearing Fish

I have this small fish tank that I keep in my room, with six little fishies in it, four gold fish and two Scavengers. Last night I came home and went to say hi to the buggers and what do I see? There were only five of them swimming around. One dude has gone AWOL. One of the Scavengers was not in the tank. I checked with me dad, and he say all 6 were there about an hour ago. So the mystery deepens. How can a fish disappear from a tank in a closed room?

I was brooding on this and looking around the room and what do I see? Mr. AWOL lying on the floor all the way across the room. It seems like he has jumped out of the tank and gone for a little stroll. He was on the other end of the room from where the tank is. I thought the dude was dead, but when picked up he was still alive and kicking, so quickly put him back. I didn’t bother to cover up the tank earlier, but with these adventurous dude around I might have to reconsider :D.

Most commonly known here as “Scavengers” they are also known as “Plecostomus” meaning “folded mouth” or “Plecos” for short. Other common names include “Suckerfish” and “Suckermouth Catfish”. Their scientific name is “Hypostomus plecostomus”.

Generally peaceful animals, so they can be kept with other species without any trouble. It seems that the grow up to about 18 inches, which means I might have to get a bigger tank in the near future.

Pleco Profile

Pleco Profile - Wikipedia

Fishy Jones aka Mr. AWOL
Ain't the greatest pics, but the dude wont stay in one place :D

(Got this off the net)


Nadiyya said...

I love fish tanks and aquatic parks!! There is a nice tank in the big Amsterdam airport if you ever get there :) Say hello to the big disc swimming around there...!

My dream would be having a fish tank covering one wall in my bathroom ;)

Missy said...

that's a real funny fella, I've never found my fish jumping out of the tank all of a sudden, unless I was trying to catch them and take them out to give the tank a scrub.

lucky he was still alive when you found him. guess you don't have any cats around there...that's a scary thought!

By the way I'v heard that fish grow according to the size of the tank/pond. that's even though they can grow quite large, if the tank is small they somehow maintain their body size accordingly. I dunno, but it's always nice to give them enough space.

Mooo said...

We used to call 'em 'glass cleaners'..

Azrael said...

Nadiyya - Know what would be ideal? an underwater house he he :D

Missy - Oh yeah luckily no kitty kats around :)
Yep, I also heard fish do adjust their growth according to the environment, but it's always better to have enough room.

Mooo - Yep another name for them.

Lady divine said...

ah....atleast u found it alive....I remember my cousin has loads and loads of fish.. and he faces this a lot sometimes....:-)

pissu perera said...

dude, i left a nice long comment here yesterday. the internet has et it. :'(

Mia said...

My son had a fish tank and then one by one they all died. I think he too had six.Then we did it again and again they died and he eventually gave up.
How often do you clean the water and how do you do it?
I wonder if we over fed them.

Azrael said...

LD - yeah, guess these guys can stay out of water for awhile.

Pissu - Oh dear. Maybe the Blog Comment Eating Monster got em

Mia - Well before i got the filter and the pump, used to clean it at least once every two weeks. But now maybe once a month. It's the usual way, take em out and give it a good scrub.

Overfeeding could cause problem, but note sure about that. I usually give a reasonable amount twice a day. If any food is left after awhile take them out.

And don't use chlorinated water straight out of the tap. If you must keep it 24 hours before putting the fish in. I heard there is some anti-chlorine chemical that can be used too.

Anonymous said...

cool writing about your fish...umm i used to have a fish tank of gold fish in it when i was very young...my mommy taught me how to feed them...and helped her clean the tank...i mean fish don't like the tank polish clean 'tho! ;))

Mia said...

That is pretty much how we cleaned it, about once a month. He too had a filter.
Used the de-chlorinating tablets (I think that is what they are called) in the water

themissingsandwich said...

Glass cleaners yes! I used to love watching fish. Shifted focus to my dogs now. Prefer to touch 'em and pet 'em and even wrestle with 'em (trust me, my giant lab gives me quite a fight!)
But I remember as a kid I used to make a mouth like them and place it against the tank. Was rather envious of their suction abilities. (I'm rambling!)

niroshinie said...

Yah we have scavengers too! in a pond. But they have never jumped..Its those other orangish-yellowish fishies (calf somethings) who do this...Personally i dont gel with fish. I mean how can you bond with a pet if you cant even touch it? or play wit it? or talk to it?
aww I miss my doggie...

Azrael said...

Overjoyed - Cleaning is the hards part he he :D

Mia - Hmm...could be something else then

themissingsandwich - Yep they are great to watch...

Niroshinie - He he watching them swimming is kinda relaxing.

Outstander said...

hmm... Fish Tanks! I had one once. Had 4 Gold Fish and 1 Tank Cleaner. All died. No Fishing (;D) after that!

Anyway, I have heard that It's good to have a Fish Tank and gaze at it if you're a heart patent!

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