Friday, October 26, 2007

The Beast

She slumbers patiently
Till the time a rider will come
Brave at heart and an adventurous soul
To awaken her spirit
And take her out into the world
Her black coat shines
Where the sunlight hits
With a hint of chrome
To give that extra glint

A tiny spark is all that it takes
To ignite the inflammable blood
That courses through her veins
Blood of fire that will pump the heart
To bring the iron maiden roaring to life
Open roads beckon forth
Break the chains and taste the freedom
An Iron maiden and her rider
Goes forth towards the setting sun


themissingsandwich said...

I dabble in a bit of verse myself occasionally. I really like how you manage to make me visualize what you write, like a story... Very nicely done.

Mia said...

: )

nadiyya said...

haha, when I hear the words "Iron maiden" I think about the guillotine, and my first book, that will be published after christmas is called:

"GUILLOTINE - You are standing in the shadow of a lady"

Lady divine said...

wow... very nice...

Azrael said...

To all a very big thank you

Nadiyya - Will definitely keep an eye out for your book :)