Friday, September 07, 2007

Send Your Robot to Work

Got this in an email today, and I’m ordering one right now. It’s a solution for all our telecommuting woes…


Man telecommutes by sending in a robot replacement

We've been warning of humankind's eventual obsolescence at the hands of our robot overlords as long as we can remember, so it's basically horrifying to see someone not only fail to heed our advice, but actively hasten our eventual extinction by replacing himself with a robot. Programmer Ivan Bowman works from home, but still maintains his presence in the office through the use of a bot he calls IvanAnywhere -- a clever play on his name and the name of his employer, iAnywhere. Basically a webcam-on-wheels, IvanAnywhere motors around the office, takes meetings, and even gives presentations, all while the real Ivan remains safely pantless in his home office. Actually, that sounds pretty smart -- anyone got a spare webcam?


This is great idea for those who want to work from, but still need that office feeling and office colleagues around. You stay home and send in the robot to office, go to meetings and when you get bored chat up with friends, and you don’t have to deal with annoying bosses. As an additional plus point you can get a second job at office as the night watchmen. Send robo buddy to do the rounds at night while you lay in your bed. :D



Lady divine said...

this is awesome!!!!!!!!!
and well, I'm sure many people would want this..:-D
so when's urs coming? ;-)

Outstander said...

I called the tech support and they said they are releasing the next version which includes;
- Self Demolition (When stolen)
- Eavesdropping (When you want it to do)
- Auto-Robot Mode (You can safely sleep at home and the robot will act as if you are working at home)

So I'm waiting for the next version. ;D

Goddess of Abundance said...

remember I, ROBOT? ...