Thursday, August 23, 2007

Desert Island Music Mix

I’ve been tagged again. This time by Theena for five albums I would take if I was marooned in a deserted island. Well first of all five ain’t enough. Second I’m going mostly by artists’ coz in most of their albums there are songs that I like and songs that I done like. Anyway this list is bound to change as time goes by :D (Except #1)

#1. Guns n’ Roses – Ok ok may not be everyone’s taste but, this is like my pick-me-upper. Whenever I’m down in the dumps, put on some G n R and by the time the first track is over I’m back to my old self, ready to kick some ass. These guys will never get off the list

#2. Bond – As far as instrumental stuff goes, these four gals are my current favorites. They do things with a string quartet you would only dream of ;)

#3. K T Turnstall – Another one of my current favorites. Just a reminder that sometimes unplugged stuff are better.

#4. Cranberries – Another excellent product of the Irish. The haunting voice of Dolores O’Riordan is enough to gimme goosebumps :D

#5. Korn – Just to evenly round things off I’ll add in some Korn to the mix.

Well there’s more on the list but I guess these will have to do if I’m forced only to take five albums. Who is this evil creature who decided that you’ll be only allowed 5 eh?

In spite of being hated for doing this :D I’m going to tag these fellow bloggers. No there’s no obligation for you to accept it…

Lady Divine
The Jester – I know he’s going to nuke me now :D
And last but not least… Darwin


Mia said...


Sajad Ghaffoor said...
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Azrael said...

Mia - Oi to u 2 :D

Sajad - Thnx, will definitely visit your blog

the_jester said...

Well, Azrael, My leutenant seems to have misplaced his key. Or rather, he himself was misplaced when he sent me a chain e-mail about the ailing children in Angola.

What key? Well, you see the nuclear war heah launcher under my bed needs three such keys to work. And, since I now only have 1 (The other one is my brother's office key), unfortunately or fortunately , you will live...

But what th ehell? I can't refuse now can I? And it seems fun, so watch out for one later.

Lady divine said...

Aiyooooooooooo..not again!!!!!
Well, i'll do it in a day or two..
if i don't, pls remind me..:-D

Leiselb said...

Despite your great choices I know I would just DIE if I had five CDs only and probably would just decide not to listen to ANY of them after the first five plays....

Outstander said...

Here it is! My list of east west greatest hits.