Thursday, August 23, 2007

Couldn’t really think of a title… :)

I mentioned in a post earlier this year that the “Company” I was working for “supposedly” went bust and closed down shop, kicking all us employees out. Well some good news has happened at last. They’ve finally agreed to a settlement.

Initially they put forward two options. 1. They settle due salaries and the employees agree not to sue. Or 2. The employees take the company to court. Well considering how long a court case can drag out, a majority of the employees agreed for option one. It’s basically they pay the due salaries and the employees agree not to sue their pants off.

I was only there for 8 months so I’m not that bothered about it. Well I’m bothered by it, but on the other hand what happened happened. Nothings going to change it so I say forget about it and move on. Luckily I’ve found another job and I’ve moved on and so have most of the others. Credit for the management for the work they did in getting job placements for the employees. However for people who have been with the company for long does feel something I guess.

One of the best things about the place was that I got to know some great people. For me not working with them is the saddest part of it. It was great to meet most of them again after a long time yesterday.

A handful of people tirelessly worked to make this settlement a reality so I must say a very big, big thank you to all of them.

Cheers to you all!!!


Lady divine said...

Hi Azrael!

Well, these things happen I guess... and I always think that most of these things happen for good.. and we always have to leave the good people at some point in time.. it has always happened to me.. but I'm thankful I still have my good friends with me...

It's all a part of life.. hope u r happy where u r now and that things are going well for you.. good luck!!

Azrael said...

Lady Divine - Thanks dear lady :D
Yeah these things happen, and they ought to happen too, otherwise how will we learn eh? makes us stronger i guess.


malintha said...

hey they cant do that there is a govt settlement formular for redudency....if u 8 months of course might as well let go but if u have done more than a year u should not just take ur pay

poojitha said...

Did they pay you salaries for 2 months ahead .....according to labor low they should

Theena said...

This is my former employer, no?

Good to know. If you meet the guys again, tell them I send my regards.

Theena said...

Guys meaning the people who worked there. Not the owner(s).

Azrael said...

Malintha / Poojitha - The company did go bust since it was a worldwide closure. I don't know about the details of the agreement, but it went through the labour department and the commissioner, so maybe it's all legit.

Theena - Yep, this is you former employer :D. Will do and i think the owners will get more than regards if they meet the guys :D

Leiselb said...

Wow that is some intense stuff...I read about this earlier but didn't get to comment. So glad you've been able to move on to something that you still enjoy.