Monday, August 06, 2007

7 Random Facts about My Self

Well I’ve been tagged by Lady Divine to write up 7 random facts about me self. Hmmm… what to say?

Oh well here goes

1. I am a loner – Well not the psycho type hiding out in a cabin somewhere deep inside a forest, shooting at people (although it does sound appealing…). True, I’m not a people person. They annoy and irritate me. Not that big on socializing, but I don’t actively shun the social life either. Occasional wild mad parties I don’t mind, but not frequently. I don’t have a lot of friends, but a few very good ones. They know who they are. Very bad at having relationships, mainly because I’m a selfish bastard he he…

2. I like to take life easy – Don’t mistake that for laziness, when working on something I give it a 110%, but rest of the time I like to take it easy. No point in worrying about things which are out of your control is there? I have a loose idea of fate. I like to believe that fate is not a strict authoritarian. It gives us a whole bag load of choices and the outcome depends on the decisions we take. When things just don’t go the way you want, you just have to believe that it happened for a good reason. Beats worrying about it and a lot less stressful.

3. I’m a cat person – I like all animals, including dogs, but given the choice between a dog and cat, I’d choose the kitty in a flash. Why do I like them? I guess it’s their independent nature, a lot like me. A free spirit, who doesn’t like to be bound to anything. And there’s definitely something evil about those furry little critters.

4. I like watching cartoons and reading comics – A very big fan of Bugs Bunny and the Looney Toones Gang. Bugsy, Slyvester, Daffy, Porky and of course who could forget Foghorn Leghorn. “Ah say…Now look here son, listen to me when Ah ma talking to you”. Still love them and will keep on watching till my dying day, no matter what people say. Also a very big fan of Garfield. Hmm… must write a separate post about these important individuals.

5. Coffee addict – weeell not that much, but cant function properly in the morning without a cup. Usually have about 5 cups a day. I shouldn’t say this, seeing that Tea is our #1 export and all that, but not a big fan of Tea.

6. I love good food and I love cooking – It’s a hobby and it’s great. I don’t know about other people, but it’s like a stress buster. (the cooking I mean, and no I don’t stuff myself with food)

7. I enjoy the simple things in life – A good book and some good music and I’m more than happy. Add to that a sizzling barbeque and a bottle of Vodka and I’m in Heaven.

Well I guess that’s about it…

Since I’m supposed to tag seven other bloggers, I’d like to call upon Harshadewa, Leisel, Pissu Perera, Mia, The Jester, Darwin & Rhythmic to do the honors.

Cheers people!


Mia said...

About the tag……
Should I say thanks here or what? Hmm

Ok will do.
I don’t know if I will be able to find seven things about me. lol

So, you are not a people person?
Do you enjoy meeting people in the virtual world?
I am on a fact-finding mission just so I won’t step on your virtual toes and annoy you. Lol

Lady divine said...

I too like to take life easy.. but it hardly happens.. something foes wrong and then the whole world's upside down...

I love dogs... and I too am a coffee addict!! I love black coffee..:-)

the_jester said...

Thanks for the tag!
I'm on it now, and will be posting soon...
Nice list. I'm with you on the easygoing thing. Too many people mistake that for laziness.

Leiselb said...

I'm a huge coffee fan're after my own heart in that regard. I do not, however, like cartoons in ANY way. And currently I work on a few in the legal division. Ugh. Sad, right?

Good to hear all your other random facts though....very interesting.

I will try to do justice to your tag, Azrael. Thanks for thinking of me.

Azrael said...

Mia - You can bug me anytime you want lol...

Lady Divine - Yeah it's a bugger when things go wrong, but I try be optimistic and think that it happened for the greater good...

The Jester - Your welcome mate!

Leisel - :O how can you not like cartoons???? Oh well people like different stuff he he

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