Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Nile Dethroned

The mystic river Nile. The jewel of Egypt. Great civilizations were built on its banks. I’m not sure when it was measured first or by whom, but for a very long time the Nile reigned as the longest river in the world. It’s normal when you have something for a long time you tend to get cocky about it, and don’t work hard to keep it. I guess that’s what happened here. The Amazon, who played second fiddle all these years, has had enough of it finally decided to usurp the throne from the king.

In an expedition by Brazilian scientists, it was established that the source of the Amazon is now further that what was known. They claim it is in the southern regions of Peru, somewhere up in the Andeans. This puts the Amazon at 6800 km, which is about 200km longer than the Nile’s 6695 km length. The Amazon, which already holds the title for the largest river by volume, now has two titles to boast about.

Scientists are still debating about it so nothings yet official, but when it is a lot of text book are going to need re-writing.

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This just goes to show that we humans may think we’re the smartest and knows everything, but Earth still has many secrets up her sleeve, and she’ll only share them with us when she wants to.

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