Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rain Oh Glorious Rain

Rain oh glorious rain
Bring down thy showers
Quench the thirst of this parched land
Revive it and return it to life!

After a long and extremely hot, dry spell, we are blessed with rain. The sun gods have been defeated and the Rain gods have won the day. It’s so refreshing to have rain drops falling on your head. I feel like dancing in the rain. Don’t worry I’m not losing it. It’s just that it feels great to be cooled down after that hot spell. Looking out through the window I see gloomy overcast skies, all ready to unleash its power. Cleanse away the dirt and sins of the people and bring in new life. By now you would’ve guessed that I’m not a big fan of the sun. The only downside is the lightning, which means electrical appliances have to be shut down at home. There is a high tendency that lightning will strike burn out something.

Saturday afternoon went for a sea bath with some friends and guess what? It started to rain. Man it was great. The sea was a bit rough and if you weren’t prepared, the waves would lift you off your feet and knock you to the ground. Got a few scrapes as a result of close encounters with the beach. I you haven’t done it, I suggest to try it out, unless of course your prone to catch a cold even by standing near the ice box. If so I suggest you stick to hot showers. I also had my fingers crossed and so far no sign of the sniffles. Lucky me.

Happy to say that there are some improvements on the Mount beach. Some good work has been done since the last time I went there. A row of trees has been planted near the fence line of the restaurants. Between the trees, concrete benches have been placed with litter bins next to them. Hat’s off to the people who came up with the idea. You’ve done a great job. The problem however is, how long will they last. How long till the litter bins are stolen and the trees uprooted. It happens because some people just don’t know how to respect public property. Let’s hope these improvements will stand the test of time. I think the restaurateurs along the beach should take up responsibility for them. If each look after the trees, benches and litter bins in front of their property, there’s no need for special maintenance or security. After all it’s in their best interest. If the beaches are clean then more people are likely to visit and the more business they will have. So buck up guys and make it your duty to maintain the beach.

On a sad note I must say the water is not that clean. Trash keeps coming in with the waves. As long as thoughtless morons keep emptying their garbage cans to the sea, it will be full of trash. They should be shot and hung. Change your ways people, change your ways.

Here’s to a few more days of gloomy weather. All hail the rain gods

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Outstander said...

Yeah! raining is great after a long period. I think it reduced the chances to Power Cut as well since all our politicians were nicely waiting and praying for Rain God without any plans at all.