Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Man with a Brick

I see a man walking down the road
With a brick on his head,
Bowed down under its weight
He struggles to walk straight

Weary eyes looks up the street
A glimmer of hope can still be seen
Searching hard for a sign of relief
That will aid to ease his load,
But alas, how unlucky he is
The road ahead gives no such hope
A desolate wasteland stares in his face
Barren as the Arctic fields

There is nothing he can do to save himself
He cannot go back, only forward
With every labored step he takes
The brick grows bigger and bigger
Till the moment comes
When he can stand no more
In the end it will bring him down
Crushed like a swatted fly

Pity him not
For this is the life we lead
A difficult journey
Yet one we all must make
Trials, tribulations, suffering and pain
These are all part of a ruthless game

Do not get discouraged
By the burden of life
Through all the misery
Hope must still survive
Once hope is no more in your life
So ends life that you live

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