Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Wiz

Once upon a time there lived in Kansas a little girl named Dorothy, who liked nothing better than to play around with her little doggy Toto. One day a great big Tornado came and whisked her away into the magical world of Oz, where she met a bunch of misfit friends and had some adventures together. On their way to Oz they decided to drop in on good old SL and have some fun with the locals. I’m talking about the newest play to go on board @ the Wendt. “The Wiz” put together by the talented people of the Wendy Whatmore Academy. They had done an excellent job with a cast full of kids and youngsters. It was also the first time that I saw a canine actor taking the stage on a SL production. It was a small roll but it managed to do it very well. A star is born, two thumbs up. Not to say the least of the human cast also who did a wonderful job of brining alive an old classic.

The only thing I’m pissed off is some of the audience members. Some guys in the balcony were shouting and making remarks while the play was going on and made it difficult for the others to hear the dialogues. Some people just don’t know how to behave in a place. I mean being boisterous is one thing, but being obnoxious in a public place and making a nuisance out of yourself is just plain rude. These idiots should be hung by their ears. Some people just don’t understand that there is a proper place and time for everything. Who is to blame for it? The parents? The teachers? The government? Hmmm… blame the government it’s easier. Unfortunately this is something you can blame the government for. I say absentee parents are at fault. We should put up notices saying “People with improper behavior prosecuted or shot”; that should get their heads working.

Other than that the play was great. Congrats to all the people @ the Wendy Whatmore Academy for putting on an excellent show.

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