Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back in Business

After getting used to routine of going to work five days of the week, it’s really difficult to stay at home doing nothing. Boring as hell!!! The idiot box shows a lot of crap (I have to stick with the local channels since I don’t have cable.) Of course the cricket world cup is going on, but that’s at night so during the day there’s not much to do. Kept watching talk shows made for housewives and learned things that I have no need for. The other problem is the weather. It’s so damn hot that you feel like being inside an oven when you step outside. Curse the sun god!!! Bugger must be having dry spell or something.

Just when I thought my head was about to explode from extreme boredom, lo and behold I got a new job. Yippeee… someone upstairs must like me. Well It’s not a new job exactly, it’s the same one I had before I joined the company that went bust. So now I’m back in business.

As I mentioned before, it’s pretty hot in good old SL these days: 31C at the time of writing this and 66% humidity. On the other hand it’s ideal for the sun worshipers. I’ve said this before and say it again; SL is a very beautiful country. True that there are a lot of problems here, but if the people can change their attitudes a bit, I’m sure that we can solve these problems and make this country into what it should be like. Make it realize it’s true potential.

So in hopes of promoting tourism in SL and getting more people to, I’m proud to announce the launch of a new web site. Adez Tours. These guys are travel agents and will organize tours in Sri Lanka and help you discover. I’m extending and open invitation to all to visit our little paradise isle and enjoy to the fullest. Visit once and you’ll come back again and again. It is truly an Enchanted Island.

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