Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Wiz

Once upon a time there lived in Kansas a little girl named Dorothy, who liked nothing better than to play around with her little doggy Toto. One day a great big Tornado came and whisked her away into the magical world of Oz, where she met a bunch of misfit friends and had some adventures together. On their way to Oz they decided to drop in on good old SL and have some fun with the locals. I’m talking about the newest play to go on board @ the Wendt. “The Wiz” put together by the talented people of the Wendy Whatmore Academy. They had done an excellent job with a cast full of kids and youngsters. It was also the first time that I saw a canine actor taking the stage on a SL production. It was a small roll but it managed to do it very well. A star is born, two thumbs up. Not to say the least of the human cast also who did a wonderful job of brining alive an old classic.

The only thing I’m pissed off is some of the audience members. Some guys in the balcony were shouting and making remarks while the play was going on and made it difficult for the others to hear the dialogues. Some people just don’t know how to behave in a place. I mean being boisterous is one thing, but being obnoxious in a public place and making a nuisance out of yourself is just plain rude. These idiots should be hung by their ears. Some people just don’t understand that there is a proper place and time for everything. Who is to blame for it? The parents? The teachers? The government? Hmmm… blame the government it’s easier. Unfortunately this is something you can blame the government for. I say absentee parents are at fault. We should put up notices saying “People with improper behavior prosecuted or shot”; that should get their heads working.

Other than that the play was great. Congrats to all the people @ the Wendy Whatmore Academy for putting on an excellent show.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back in Business

After getting used to routine of going to work five days of the week, it’s really difficult to stay at home doing nothing. Boring as hell!!! The idiot box shows a lot of crap (I have to stick with the local channels since I don’t have cable.) Of course the cricket world cup is going on, but that’s at night so during the day there’s not much to do. Kept watching talk shows made for housewives and learned things that I have no need for. The other problem is the weather. It’s so damn hot that you feel like being inside an oven when you step outside. Curse the sun god!!! Bugger must be having dry spell or something.

Just when I thought my head was about to explode from extreme boredom, lo and behold I got a new job. Yippeee… someone upstairs must like me. Well It’s not a new job exactly, it’s the same one I had before I joined the company that went bust. So now I’m back in business.

As I mentioned before, it’s pretty hot in good old SL these days: 31C at the time of writing this and 66% humidity. On the other hand it’s ideal for the sun worshipers. I’ve said this before and say it again; SL is a very beautiful country. True that there are a lot of problems here, but if the people can change their attitudes a bit, I’m sure that we can solve these problems and make this country into what it should be like. Make it realize it’s true potential.

So in hopes of promoting tourism in SL and getting more people to, I’m proud to announce the launch of a new web site. Adez Tours. These guys are travel agents and will organize tours in Sri Lanka and help you discover. I’m extending and open invitation to all to visit our little paradise isle and enjoy to the fullest. Visit once and you’ll come back again and again. It is truly an Enchanted Island.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Plea of the Unborn...

Please let me live!
Is that too much to ask
Do I not have the same rights as you?
To see the world as you have seen

Why am I to be blamed?
For the mistakes you make
All because you are too weak
To defy the demons of lust

You never consider of things to come
Or care not of whom you hurt
All life is a game that you play
Extreme pleasure, the only way

Life is a gift I want to embrace
And feel its warmth caress my face
Why must you deny me this gift?
When you yourself enjoy it the most

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jobless and Out on the Road

Well it’s a crappy…I mean really crappy time for me coz I am out of a job these days. ‘The Company’ I was working for (is still working for, since we’re not officially kicked out yet) is in trouble and they’ve decided to close down the LK production office, which means your’s truly and 65 other people are out on the road. Crappy is not the correct word for it…

Funny how things work out isn’t it? I mean here I was a week ago happily doing me job, dreaming about the future and planning things to do, and then suddenly BA-BOOM, shit falls on your head. Next thing you know you don’t have a job. The feeling is something similar to that of a man stuck in a deserted island with only one coconut tree and one morning he finds out that there are no more coconuts in that tree…terribly frustrating.

Well you can take the situation in two ways. Either think of it as a great opportunity to explore new horizons or as a hard luck case where nothings seems to go right. I like to take it in the first option. True that all can’t think like this. After all I’m young, single, free of any encumbrance, and luckily got some shillings saved over for a rainy day (to think that a few more days delay and I’d spent it on a bike…should be thankful I didn’t). But the worst affected are the people who are married and have kids and other responsibilities. They have to rely on their salaries to get through the month. For some it might be No salary No Food situation.

The employers should take responsibility for taking care of their employees. If the top management knows that the company is in trouble, then they should keep the employees duly informed. If the employees know the real situation of the company they can base their decision upon it. Who knows, maybe the employees might have brilliant ideas which can be helpful. To keep things to themselves and suddenly say that the company is in trouble and we’re kicking you next week is not the correct way. That’s the shitiest way to treat the people who worked their butt’s off to make them rich. Some of these guys were working 3 days straight to meet a project deadline. For what? Thanks for everything, we cant pay you, see ya’? Well that’s what happened.

So what am I up to these days? NOTHING. The office is till open (till lord knows when) so coming here to take the maximum use of the facilities till they last. Surfing the net for vacancies mostly, sent out some CV’s while at it, and hoping for a positive outcome. Updating the bloggie and just mindless surfing of all those site you never had time to visit. So far my situation is not desperate, but two months down the road it will be hell. Let’s keep the fingers crossed shall we.

As a great sage once said ‘Shit happens, all you can do is wipe it off and keep on walking’

So wish my self a happy job hunting…

Cheers and good luck to the other guys and gals @ office…