Monday, February 19, 2007

Ritmico Con Spirito

‘Rhythm with Spirit’ was exactly what it was at the indoor brass band display organized by the brass band of St Peters College, to mark their Golden Jubilee. The halls of the BMICH vibrated to the sounds of the drums and the horns.

It was an excellent show with more than 20 invited schools participating. All them were equally talented ( but of course Peterites are always better) and resulted in a series of great performances, to keep the audience enthralled and their feet tapping to the beat. Although the show was a bit long, nearly six hours, it certainly didn’t feel that long. There was some trouble with the overhead projectors they were using to show a presentation. But that can be dismissed because you never know what devilry these electronic gizmos can do. They seem to know exactly when you need them and decides to break down. Other than that everything was great.

Music is the medicine for the soul. I don’t know everybody else, but it is for me. Nothing than some good music to relax after a hard days work and make your worries disappear. I wish that I had understood these things when I was little. I should have listened to my mum when she nagged me to practice the piano. When other kids were practicing two – three hours a day, I barely touched the thing maybe and hour a week. Yeah like that’ll make you the next Billy Joel…

All the very best wishes to the guys and gals who took part in ‘Ritmico Con Spirito’ and may they have great futures ahead.

Keep on Rockin!!!


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pissu perera said...

i was bored at work (as usual) so browsed through older posts. i took part in one of these band performances at peters, about 5 years ago. i think it was their first indoor performance. was so much fun. haven't been to one in years though. reading this post brought back memories =)