Thursday, January 11, 2007

Greetings for the New Year

Hmm…the first entry for the year 2007. Ok…Ok… It’s a bit too late but what to do…

Well another year is upon us and I’m sure most of you out there greeted it with the usual way? Getting stoned drunk I mean…There’s nothing wrong with that so why break the tradition. It’s a time to drown away your sorrows and forget all the stupid things you did in the past year and get ready for another new year of sorrows and more stupid idiotic things to do. What’s life without these I ask. That’s what makes it more fun.

The new year shouldn’t be a time to make some pointless resolutions in a drunken stupor and forget them as the year progresses. That’s why I never make them coz I never keep them. Life is much more fun and exciting if you just roll along with it and see what fate decides to throw at you. Mind you it won’t be all hunky dory. There will be bad times as well as the good, but what makes life is how you handle the bad times. It builds character, or so I’ve heard the wise men say. In the middle of all this you can have your own goals and dreams and work around to achieve them. If you can do that I’d say you’ll have a great year ahead of you.

To the world in general, I hope that this year people will care about each other a little more and put an end to these wars and other such stupid nonsense. So here’s wishing all of you out there a superb year 2007!

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