Friday, November 10, 2006

Laughter is the Best Medicine

It’s true. Laughter CAN cure all illness, physical or mental…

This is another adventure of that famous Lanka Puthra Mr Udurawana. But consider this, would we be the one writing this letter if we weren’t so tech savvy?


Dear Mr. Bill Gates (is that your real name? funny),

This letter is from the Udurawana from the Kandy Hilly's. We have
bought a Computer with Microsoft for first time to our home and we
have big problems, which I want to be bringing to your notices.

1. After connect to internet we planned to open e-mail account so
we filled the form in Hotmail in the password box but something funny
happens only* *****appears (stars), but in the rest whatever we typed
the letters and numbers appears nicely , but we face this problem only in
password box.

The user book told if there is problem check with hardware but when we
went to check it with hardware vendor in the town (Kandy Hardware Stores)
that bugger got angry and shouted and said 'Get out' that he can't understand
the computer problem, so don't tell to check with any hardware in future
because those fellows are crazy. We tried and tried to open thee-mail
account typing stars *****but no success at all. I request you to
check this as we ourselves do not know what the password is.

2.Can you give a secret code for the HOTmail so only I can seethe HOT
stuff .I don't want my wife and child to see any of the HOTmails. Also
give some COOLmail for my wife and TEENmail for my Son.

3. We are unable to enter anything after we click the 'shut down’ button
and have to re-start every time we want to type a new letter. Is it a
Virus? If so to which Doctor should I go to check the Computer Virus ?

4.There is a button ' Start' but there is no " Stop" button.
We request you to check this and put a Stop too.

5. We find there is 'Run' in the menu. One of my friend in
Kandy clicked 'run' and has run and run so far but computer did not still tell him to
stop ! So, he told me not to ever use "Run' we request you to change
that to "sit", so that we can click that by sitting and don't have to run
anywhere ..

6.Is there any 're-scooter' available in system? As I find only
're-cycle', but I have only scooter at my home as I can't cycle due to
leg pain .

7. There is 'Find' button but it is not working properly. My wife lost
the door key and we tried and tried a lot for tracing the key with this
'find', but unable to trace. Is it a bug??

8.Same way even the 'Save' button is not working. Last week we were
going on a walk by the lake and my Mother-in-Law fell into the Kandy
lake so I quickly went home and pressed the 'Save' button but when I got back
to the lake she was dead. But anyway there was some good in that because
now we got her param-parava generation house on the Kandy Hills. But
it is important that it should work from now.

9. Another big problem, every night I am not sleeping well as
I have to protect the 'mouse' from our CAT. So I suggest u to
introduce a DOG instead of the mouse so I can rest in peace !

10.My child learnt 'Microsoft Word' so now he wants to be learning
'Microsoft Sentence', so when can you give him a good Sentence ?

11.I am in doubt so tell me what kind of Curtains should I
buy for your Microsoft Windows & also confused why there are no Doors -
only Windows ???Somebody forgot that know !!!

12.One friend told that there are Bites on his Computer but
he cant receive them. Can you also include some Bites in my Computer -
I mostly like Cadju and Rata Cadju and Bola Kadala but I like to try
anything interesting you also have !

Looking forward to your good service,

Best regards,

Your esteemed customer,
K.P.G. UDURAWANA. (Kiri Panu Gaya)
The House on the Hilly's

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